Britt Bacon is known by many as a tender, artistic soul who resides along the marshes and tidal creeks of Tybee Island, Georgia. She is also known as a skilled professional who creates photographs of beauty, depth, and value for her many clients while practicing both traditional and journalistic style photography.

Born on a rural farm just outside Athens, Georgia, Britt’s first impressions of life were lush with the sights and sounds of nature. As a child, she was captivated by the colors and forms of life around her in this quiet, pastoral setting. At the age of three, she and her family moved to the Georgia coast, where the wetlands became an intriguing part of everyday life for her.

Britt recalls, “My father would take the family out in our boat to the many coastal islands in Georgia. In the backwater creeks, we would pull shrimp nets behind the boat while keeping watch for alligators. I noticed at an early age how the marsh grass flourishes and extends deep roots into one of the most precious ecosystems on earth. The full cycle of life displays itself boldly on the Georgia coast.” Spartina Imagery derives its name from Spartina alterniflora (Saltmarsh Cordgrass), a native marsh grass with very smooth leaves that was formerly used to make rope and grows in abundance along the Georgia coastline.

Britt’s keen eye and technical versatility allow her to satisfy the particular needs of her diverse clientele by focusing on the client and what the client wants, by knowing the technicality of each shot to be taken, by focusing on the small details, and by being bold but not obtrusive. From weddings on the beach and in local parks to cotton fields at sunset to marsh and sea photos of wildlife to human forms against a variety of backgrounds, she captures that spark of life, love, and beauty that stands out in each element of nature.

It seems that life passes through our eyes so fast that we often miss the moments in ourselves and in the life around us that appear so ordinary, but are truly remarkable and sacred. It is those moments that I work to capture. It may be just a matter of stopping and looking down at a shell on the beach, or up to the sky above, or into the eyes of a friend or acquaintance, and the details there are amazing. I am a dreamer. When eyes closed I see things in fabricated detailed and exotic layers. I love children, they are everything amazing. I value education as I then value color, set on the dreams over the horizon I focus to sustain the moment. I always have strived and felt fire to explore with camera and body. I went to school for dance at age 30. I am different. Coming back to camera feels incredible. I love close shots you can feel. The dance of details and life. I want to share the emotion with you, the images that make you laugh and cry.

 I strive to give this to you because honestly, you deserve nothing less! 


LeeAnn Ritch

Photography has been a passion of mine since I was a kid and still is today! Shooting people is my favorite. I love to capture raw emotion in natural light. Something magical happens for me. Traveling is my heart. I'm from South Florida and have lived in California as well. The ocean is in my blood. Being Italian, I love to share my love of life. Traveling the world and working all over it is what fuels me. I visit Latin cultures frequently because the music, the passion, and the love feel right at home. There are images from Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, Jamaica, Morocco, Miami, New York, Savannah, California and many other locations. I love to shoot weddings all over the world! Following my heart and loving every day as if it were my last is pretty much my being.